Journal publications

  1. BioSimSpace: An interoperable Python framework for biomolecular simulation,
    L.O. Hedges, A.S.J.S Mey, C.A. Laughton, F.L. Gervasio, A.J. Mulholland,
    C.J. Woods, and J. Michel

    JOSS, the OJ 4, 43, 1831 (2019).

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  3. Crystallization and arrest mechanisms of model colloids,
    T.K. Haxton, L.O. Hedges, and S. Whitelam,
    Soft Matter 11, 9307 (2015).

  4. Growth of equilibrium structures built from a large number of distinct component types,
    L.O. Hedges, R.V. Mannige, and S. Whitelam,
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  5. Self-assembly at a nonequilibrium critical point,
    S. Whitelam, L.O. Hedges, and J.D. Schmit,
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 155504 (2014).

  6. Microscopic evidence for liquid-liquid separation in supersaturated CaCO3 solutions,
    A.F. Wallace, L.O. Hedges, A.J. Fernandez-Martinez, P. Raiteri, S. Whitelam, G.A. Waychunas,
    J.D Gale, J.F. Banfield, and J.J DeYoreo
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  7. Selective nucleation in porous media,
    L.O. Hedges and S. Whitelam,
    Soft Matter 9, 9763 (2013).

  8. Uncovering the intrinsic size dependence of hydriding
    phase transformations in nanocrystals,
    R. Bardhan, L.O. Hedges, C.L. Pint, A. Javey, S. Whitelam, and J.J Urban,
    Nature Materials 12, 905 (2013).

  9. Self-assembly of multicomponent structures in and out of equilibrium,
    S. Whitelam, R. Schulman, L.O. Hedges,
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  10. Patterning a surface so as to speed nucleation from solution,
    L.O. Hedges and S. Whitelam,
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  11. Preparation and relaxation of very stable glassy states of a simulated liquid,
    R.L. Jack, L.O. Hedges, J.P. Garrahan, and D. Chandler,
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  12. Excitations are localized and relaxation is hierarchical in glass-forming liquids,
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    L.O. Hedges and S. Whitelam,
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  14. Dynamic order-disorder in atomistic models of structural glass formers,
    L.O. Hedges, R.L. Jack, J.P. Garrahan, and D. Chandler,
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  15. Dynamic facilitation explains democratic particle motion of metabasin transitions,
    L.O. Hedges and J.P. Garrahan,
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  16. Decoupling of exchange and persistence times in atomistic models of glass formers,
    L.O. Hedges, L. Maibaum, D. Chandler, and J.P. Garrahan,
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  17. Dynamic propensity in a kinetically constrained lattice gas,
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  18. Fast simulation of facilitated spin models,
    D.J. Ashton, L.O. Hedges, and J.P. Garrahan,
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