While I'm not particularly artistic in my everyday life, I really enjoy making scientific visualizations, artwork and animations. Part of the fun comes from the challenge of making something that is simultaneously scientifically accurate, visually striking, and computer generated.

All of my images are produced from real simulation data and generated using a collection of custom command-line scripts. Typically, the final images are rendered using POV-Ray. Movies/animations are encoded using a combination of MEncoder and FFmpeg. Image manipulation and scripting assistance are provided by the wonderful ImageMagick.


Cover art

I have produced several pieces of artwork for the covers of scientific journals. A great image is a wonderful way of engaging people with your research. It's also an interesting challenge to try to find the single picture that best captures the story of a paper.



Here are some of the many other images that I have produced. Several of these have been used in press releases for journal articles, or in posters and presentations at research conferences.