Cover art

I have produced several pieces of artwork for the covers of scientific journals (both to promote my own research publications, and for other people). Below are a selection of pieces along with short descriptions of each image.


Soft Matter 10, 6404-6416, 2014

I helped Steve Whitelam to make this image which was chosen for the inside cover of Soft Matter for our publication on the growth of equilibrium structures built from a large number of distinct component types. The image shows the growing front of an assembly. Each block interacts with only four unique neighbors giving it a specified position within the assembly. Our work suggests design rules for block interaction energetics that may help improve the fidelity of similar experimental structures that have recently been grown from DNA 'bricks'.


Soft Matter 41, 9279-9948, 2013

This image was chosen for the cover of Soft Matter for our publication, Selective nucleation in porous media. The image shows nucleation from an ensemble of pores of different size etched into a substrate. Due to geometric effects, nucleation is fastest from pores of a specific size. Nucleation is markedly slower when the size is much larger or smaller than this sweet spot. Our paper confirms the predicted scaling of the optimum pore size as a function of supersaturation.


Biophysical Journal 105 (5), 2013

In collaboration with Anna Schneider I helped make this cover for Biophysical Journal. The image shows the structural arrangement of proteins in a statistical-mechanical model of a grana stack, which is part of the photosynthetic light-harvesting system. Check out the Biophysical Society's blog post on the cover and the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center's (NERSC's) news article about the paper.


PNAS 106 (36), 2009

I was invited to produce artwork for this special feature of PNAS on liquids and structural glasses. The image shows dynamic heterogeneity in a structural glass-forming liquid. Further details and an enlarged version of the image can be found at the following link.