Size matters as nanocrystals go through phases

I made this image to accompany a publication on the size dependence of hydriding phase transitions in nanocrystals. The image was used by the Berkeley Lab News Center in their press release on the article. The snapshot uses simulation data to illustrate the size scaling trends of phase transformation within an ensemble of nanocubes of various sizes. Owing to finite size effects, small cubes undergo phase transformation more readily (blue cells are hydrided).


Dynamic order-disorder

This image was used to advertise a publication on dynamic order-disorder in atomistic models of structural glass formers. The image illustrates space-time phase coexistence between an inactive phase in which particles are stuck in position (yellow) and an active liquid-like phase where particle reorganization is fast (blue). The colors (not my choice) are in recognition of Cal (UC Berkeley). See the Berkeley press release here.